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This is one of the many corridors within the sprawling Forbidden City. Construction started in 1406 and for nearly five hundred years it was home to China's Emperor.   (license)

Introductory Lessons

If you're just getting started this course will introduce you to Chinese language essentials as well as some of the most commonly used and most useful phrases.


Your first words in Chinese should be the ones you start most conversations with, right?

Where Are You From?

It seems like everybody you meet in China wants to know where you are from!

Survival Phrases

Some of the most common phrases you might need when wandering around China.

Have You Been to China?

When you tell people you are studying Chinese they'll want to know if you've ever been there.

Measure Words

They are different, they are interesting, they can be useful and they are very common.

I Love You

A husband and wife say tearful goodbyes before a long trip.


A student introduces a friend to his father.

Introducing Radicals

There is some logic in how characters are written that can make them easier to master.

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