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Introductory Lessons

An introduction to Chinese language essentials as well as some of the most commonly used and most useful phrases.

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Beginner Level 1

Covers essential grammar and introduces greetings, dates, times, numbers, school, food, friends and family.

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Beginner Level 2

Builds on level 1 with more on food, dates, family and basic grammar and introduces colors, travel, hobbies and more.

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If you are planning a trip to China, these lessons will help you learn some of the most common and useful phrases for travelers.

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Useful Vocabulary Lists

Sometimes it is just useful to see things in a list - days of the week, countries, family members, sports, colors and so on.

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Intermediate Level 1

Now that you've got the basics down it gets really exciting. Here you'll learn to discuss a wide variety of new topics.

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Intermediate Level 2

Hobbies, travel, apartment hunting, occupations, more shopping, even the Chinese Zodiac.

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The most common words and phrases you are likely to hear around the office.

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Chinese Idioms

In China idioms are quite common in everyday conversation. Learn the meaning behind the words.

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Advanced Level 1

Would you like to watch Chinese movies without subtitles and understand magazine articles?

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Advanced Level 2

So you want to talk like you grew up speaking Chinese? This is the place, now is the time!

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Chinese Food

Learn to read Chinese restaurant menus and a little about traditional Chinese dishes.

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