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Real language. Real people. Real culture. Real China.


Photo by IQRemix, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Learn Chinese using fun and interesting content from all over the web.

You'll discover Chinese movies and TV, enjoy music videos and comic strips, read news articles and social media posts. Our Chrome extension helps make all this real-world content easy to understand and learn from.

What are Glimpses?

Glimpses all come from the real world, not from textbooks. You'll hear different accents, learn popular colloqualisms and get an exciting glimpse of Chinese culture.

How Do I Install Glimpses?

The Glimpse Chrome Extension is installed through the Google Chrome Store. Tanny will walk you through the process in this video.

How Do I Use Glimpses?

Tanny shows you how to use the extension and gives you some tips about how to incorporate Glimpses into your overall language learning routine.

The Glimpse Chrome extension fits neatly into your browser right next to the content and helps you break down every Glimpse sentence by sentence, word by word, character by character.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Content Do You Have?
Music videos, movie previews, TV shows, news clips, homemade videos, comic strips, social media posts and so on. We're even giving you authentic, local language we've captured in photos from around China! Glimpses come from a variety of websites, many that are popular in China.

Can I Suggest Glimpses?
That would be FANTASTIC!! If you've found cool Chinese content we definitely want to know about it! When you're on a webpage you're interested in just bring up our Chrome Extension and click the "magic wand" icon on the top right of the pop-out window.

Are There Other Advantages?
In addition to being a lot more fun than ordinary language lessons, Glimpses are short, easily digestable, rich in culture and colloquial language. Making Glimpses part of your language learning routine will prepare you for real world conversations much better and more quickly.

Simplified or Traditional?
We've made a point of including content that uses both traditional and simplified character sets. The Glimpse Chrome Extension will show you simplified or traditional translations based on the preference you have setup in your HANYU.CO profile.

Why a Chrome Extension?
If you want to learn Chinese you need to get out into the real world or in this case the real web. We don't want to lock you up in our app or on our website! After you've watched the video or read the comic we've found for you we hope you'll go out and explore more of the Chinese Internet!

Only Available In Chrome?
Yes, currently Glimpses are only available using Google's Chrome web browser but we hope to roll-out Glimpses in other browsers soon!